Seek Counsel to Make the Best Decisions for Your Family

Seek Counsel to Make the Best Decisions for Your Family

Work with a child custody attorney in Providence, RI

It can be difficult negotiating child support terms with your estranged spouse. That's why you should seek guidance from the child custody attorney at Coloian Law Group. For years, we've been advocating for parents like you in Providence, Rhode Island.

In addition to child support and custody matters, the attorney at Coloian Law Group is familiar with...

  • Adoptions
  • Guardianships
  • Relocation of children
  • Common law marriages and civil unions

Contact us today for advice about your family law matter.

We approach divorce cases differently

Divorcing couples often have trouble communicating their child support or custody wishes effectively. When you work with a child custody attorney, you have a better chance of walking away satisfied with the terms. Providence, RI clients turn to Coloian Law Group knowing we strive to find a solution that works for both spouses.

During your consultation, you can expect our child support attorney to...

  • Facilitate civil conversations between you and your former spouse
  • Understand your priorities regarding your child
  • Draw up a customized agreement

Our goal is to minimize the emotional strain that divorce cases so often cause. Call 401-861-9400 today to make an appointment with our child support attorney.