What Charges Are You Facing in Providence, RI?

What Charges Are You Facing in Providence, RI?

Our criminal defense attorney will be your advocate in court

The consequences of a criminal conviction can haunt you long after you've served time. An experienced criminal defense attorney will pursue the best possible outcome for your case. Coloian Law Group represents Providence, RI residents who are facing a variety of charges, including petty larceny, criminal firearms possession, domestic violence and DUIs. We also represent clients in juvenile court.

Contact Coloian Law Group first if you're facing charges for...

  • A drug crime, such as possession
  • A capital crime, such as murder
  • White-collar crime, such as fraud

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The DUI defense attorney at Coloian Law Group will provide guidance throughout your trial. We'll advise you about whether you should accept a plea bargain or plead not guilty. Call 401-861-9400 today to schedule a consultation at our Providence, RI office.